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Lunes, 19 Agosto 2013
venta 2x PIONEER CDJ 2000 & 1x DJM 2000 DJ PACKAGE....€1900 EUR (A Coruña) We are importer & exporter dealers on all brand new models of Musical instrument such as
Saxophone,Drum Set,Trumpet,Keyboard,Guitar,Digital Piano, and many more at very cheap price with
complete accessories. We are good /great in selling to bulks buye...
Lunes, 12 Noviembre 2012
Brand New SET OF 2x PIONEER CDJ-2000 PLAYER & 1x PIONEER DJM-2000 MIXER at 2200 Euro (Sheffield, A Coruña) INSTRUMENTAL CONSULTANCY LTD has continued to attract a highly committed and passionate community of
musicians, DJs, composers and all electronics consumer all over the world. We are a well-recognized
Disc Jockey and Electronics seller. Our business is...